What wild intentions will you let burn in your heart this year?

Yesterday I gathered with my dear friends who are also coaches. We reflected on 2018. Shared our achievements and blessings, losses, & lessons learned as a way to nourish the soil for our vision work of 2019. I invite you to do the same. I hear people say “peace out 2018!” I challenge you to take the hardships of this year and find the gifts. Let go, let go. We can not create a powerful future when we’re stuck in resentment from the past. 2018 didn’t do anything to you – it’s merely time passing. You had the gift of life, of love and blessings everywhere. Look what you overcame! Look at your courage! Look at how you stepped up! Damn! Count them with me….let’s give ourselves THAT gift. 

Only then, after that reflection, look towards this gorgeous blank slate of this New Year. It will bring whatever it brings. The question is…what wild intentions will WE allow to burn within our hearts? And from those intentions what will WE do or not do despite what the year brings? That’s how to make this new year different! Not from telling this last year to f$#% off and yet changing nothing hoping this new year will bring more of what we want.

From my heart to yours ❤️Thank you for being in my life.