The Power of a Universal Time Out

So much of our normalcy has been taken away. This has been painful and difficult for many of us, a relief for some, and a mix of both for others. Some are struggling with the madness of not being able to be social, or do the things they love and that feel good to them. We are missing our loved ones. There might be financial and employment worries and stressors. On the other hand, some of us are thriving in ways we didn’t expect, such as being freed from certain obligations, slowing down, or exploring things we didn’t make time for before we were forced to. Perhaps you are delighting in simple things you were moving too fast to see before? Things like the simplicity of feeling the warm sun on your back, the sound and smell of the rain, or seeing the preciousness in the moment with someone you love.

In some of the coaching groups I run, people have been talking about “the pause.” They are hearing how others around them are taking advantage of this time for themselves and learning new things, or catching up on home organization, etc. For some there is no pause. Some are healing from an injury or sickness. Or perhaps they are still needing to work and raise kids and/or tending to children or sick family members. If you are someone that truly isn’t in the “pause” category, free yourself from the “shoulds.” These are the EXTERNAL expectations from society and other people’s expectations of you. They cause unnecessary stress and heartache. Do yourself a favor and don’t “should” on yourself. The only “should” you need to listen to is the one that is INTERNAL and from your higher self. Ask yourself, “Am I truly doing my best?” If the answer is yes, then let it go. Your work is acceptance for what is so right now. If your answer is no, then you’ve got some work to do. How do you step into your best? What does that look like? What needs to shift or change? Can you start small?

Whatever your own version of this universal “time out” is, consider there’s really no right way to be right now. We can honor the loss, fear, and all of our emotions we feel, while appreciating the gifts we are being given at the same time. You get to be brave and human, trusting and unsure, hopeful at times, cynical at others. Some days, your best will be just getting through the day – and that’s OK. You got through the day. Well done! It’s really time to be extra kind to ourselves. This doesn’t mean we live out all of our excuses. It means we try our best. Our best will vary day to day. Each day is a new day to start again. The entire world is going through this together. This is a time of massive transformation. 

What if this time was an opportunity for reinvention? I read a quote recently that said before you rush back to your old life, think carefully about what exactly you are rushing back to. I love this. It hits home for me. What a perfect time to stop, take inventory and clean out the closet of our lives. What a gift to truly reflect upon and evaluate how we want to live, what is working for us, and what truly isn’t anymore.

Here are some questions for you to reflect on, journal, or meditate about: 

  • As you step back from the old way it used to be, what do you now realize doesn’t actually work for you? 
  • What do you love about your current reality that you want to keep? 
  • What have you discovered that you really miss about the way things were? 
  • What have you discovered about yourself and life during this time?
  • What do you want to start or explore? 
  • What is it time to be brave about? 
  • What can YOU do to thrive right now? 

If you want to take this time to grow, you absolutely can. Reflect on what you want during this interim time to be for yourself. Be intentional about creating what you need. Look to your future. Powerfully decide what you want your life to be filled with as we move forward. Begin the creation process now. 

Wishing you all great health, joy, and peace. 

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As a Life, Leadership, and Performance coach I facilitate intentional conversations that allow people to gain clarity by getting to the heart of challenges and identifying new pathways for effectiveness. The impact of this work includes cohesive teams, harmonious relationships, clarity, accountability, and performance goals met. Furthermore, these tools provide teams with a universal and constructive language in which to navigate conflict and goal setting.

I have several offerings for companies that see the value in offering their staff development and an opportunity to innovate. These can all be done virtually and range from a simple lunch and learn to more in-depth workshops.

I have been leading mental health checks/discussions around this interim period with groups and teams to address how they are doing with COVID-19. We’re addressing learnings, challenges, and new ways to meet their needs. These have been both powerful and impactful.

Other options to consider:

  • One on one or group coaching (life and career goals, accountability, leadership) 
  • Managing stress workshop (calming the brain and self care)
  • DiSC (understanding behavior styles and constructive language for conflict resolution)
  • Emotional Intelligence (being aware of and managing emotions of self and then others) 
  • Strengths Based Leadership (Optimizing your “Top 5 Strengths” by Gallup) 
  • 360 leadership evaluation (Feedback on assessing leadership strengths and weaknesses)