Coach vs. Therapist?

I’m often asked how to know when people need to hire a coach verses a therapist. Coaching does not take the place of therapy; in fact, it is a methodology that addresses something completely different. 

The intention of therapy is to get a diagnosis and/or to heal the past. Coaching takes stock of where you are today and focuses on your present with an outlook toward the future. 

Therapy helps us understand how our past has brought us to today. Coaching challenges us to take the attitude you are more than a culmination of your past experiences, and therefore are full of infinite possibilities.   

Therapy deconstructs past experiences.  Coaching deconstructs the belief system(s) and habits used in those past experiences which are counterproductive to you now.  It also addresses the systems and habits which you no longer desire as they do not lend to the outcomes you want. 

Coaching helps replace those detrimental habits and belief systems with those that mirror your highest and best ideals for yourself.  These constructive and positive ideals are based on love, creation, innovation, your gifts and personal strengths. We design a vision of your future and have you step into that future. 

Similar to how athletes have trainers to help them get to the next level of performance, a coach is like a personal trainer for your mindset. I will not only act as your advisor, but as your partner during the duration of your growth.  As a coach, I am an expert in human behavior, deep level listening and providing insights and guidance in the steps needed to obtain your desired goals. 

Coaching and therapy can be used in conjunction with one another and are not adverse in their ideology or benefits. If you have had therapy in the past, it’s a great steppingstone to the work of coaching since you are familiar with identifying patterns and confronting emotions. Sometimes, as we move towards a new present and future, we fumble on the same old slippery rocks. This is when therapeutic work is needed to close old doors and heal old wounds. If we are working together and discover this, my request is that you remain open to therapeutic assistance. Yet perhaps it’s spiritual work that needs to be done; perhaps it’s more social, organizational, environmental, or procedural. We won’t know until we get there. However, there are those who have participated in therapy for years and are frustrated by lack of forward movement.  These are the people who could use a good kick in the rear to get out there and start taking some action – this is when you call a coach. 

I’m a strong believer in a multi-faceted approach to overall health and well-being. Are you addressing the whole person? Your spirit, your social life, your passions, your career, your body, your mind? 

Most importantly – whatever you decide to invest in, get started on your life.  Dive in! Understanding yourself, healing your life, and designing your future is well worth the journey.