Own that Shit Girl

Own that shit, girl

You wanna kick ass in life? You gotta love on yourself.

Years ago, my coach @deniseyamada told me I could never out perform my self esteem. She was right. I had work to do.

Permission to fail is permission to succeed. It’s the same thing. If I fail at something I am not a failure. This is the life sucking lie that we sometimes let run our lives. And we don’t even know it.

In whatever game you’re playing. You either allow yourself to fail and learn, stretch and grow or you don’t get to the next level. That’s it.

If you can’t rattle off 5 things you think are amazing about yourself, you’ve got work to do. (C’mon you can rattle them off about your favorite celebrity or your best friend, right?)

You’ve got to own your amazingness, your uniqueness, your bad assery….because that’s your job.

Do your job.

You are not your past, your life situations, fears or regrets.

You are a bad ass. You are beautiful. You are a creator. You are pure potential.

Quit hiding out and get in the game.