How to be calm and feel joy NOW

Right now the main thing people are asking for help with is how to deal with anxiety and isolation. Anxiety is a brutal thing to deal with. Many people who have never had it are struggling with it for the first time. Here’s some ideas for you.  

  • Do what makes you feel normal
  • Do what makes you feel good
  • Check your breath. Put an alert in your phone or a sticky note up reminding you to do it. If it’s shallow then you’re in a state of stress. The goal is to build the habit of first noticing your breath and the second goal is to move your breath into your diaphragm which signals to your body that all is well. 
  • If you haven’t tried meditating, try it. Set a timer for one minute on your phone. Close your eyes and tune inwards to your inner world/body. Locate your breath. Do this often! 
  • Mindfulness helps us become present. A great practice is to look at any object and focus all your attention ion it. You can do this with a flower, your hand, etc., look at all the lines, the colors, the textures…take it in. 
  • Strengthen your relationship to God/spirit/universe. It’s too much to carry on your shoulders and can get you sick and weigh you down. There are spiritual apps, bible study apps, and plenty of groups gathering virtually that will help ground you and feel a sense of community. 
  • Move your body. Get the blood flow going and your heart rate up. 
  • Step away from anything that is toxic (people and/or things). If your anxious you’re already drained and can’t afford to drain yourself further. 
  • Include things in your day that lifts your heart or makes you smile. Do the work to find things if you can’t think of anything. Explore. What do you have to lose?  
  • Practice gratitude: come up with the things daily that feel good to you and you are thankful for. This is a highly personal, private list – there are no “shoulds” allowed here. The trick is that it needs to genuinely resonate. 
  • Feel the pain, fear, or hurt. “You’ve got to feel it to heal it.”  It’s healthy to process your feelings. You can still be goal oriented and successful and have your experience of feeling life. Shutting down, compartmentalizing and going numb doesn’t work. It will make you sick in the long run. It’s easy to love ourselves when we’re in a good mood. Will you love yourself when you’re not in a great place? This is huge. 
  • “Where focus goes, energy flows.” Watch what you’re thinking and how you’re speaking. These are powerful tools that will dictate your emotions and beliefs. Check in on them and make sure you’re focusing on something that brings you energy rather than drains you. (What TV shows are you watching? Are you reading/watching too much news?) The mind is a powerful tool, so be careful what you feed it. 
  • Connection. Be responsible for creating connection during this time. Whatever that means for you. (Return those calls or texts. Hear someone’s voice that you love. This is good for your soul and relaxes your body.)
  • Ask for hugs. Hug yourself and kiss your arm! Buy a teddy bear to squeeze or grab a pillow from your bed. We NEED touch! 
  • You are what you eat. High sugar, caffeine, and alcohol are going to put your body into a tailspin. Make sure you’re giving yourself lots of nutrients. 
  • Talk kindly to yourself 
  • It’s Ok to nap. It’s Ok to take a social media break. It’s Ok to not be as productive as you want.
  • Plan things for the future that you can look forward to. It’s so important to experience joyful anticipation. 
  • Put up inspirational and empowering quotes or mantras on your fridge and mirror to remind yourself of the truth when you’re afraid. 
  • Take amazing care of yourself! Little things matter. Treat yourself to a hot bath or shower with rose scented bath oils or scrubs or a give yourself a foot massage with essential oil. (Even better if you can get someone else to do it!) Purchase a bright green plant or flowers to look because they’re pretty!  These little things add up and make you feel good!  
  • If you’re comfortable with it, chiropractic care, massage, and other physical treatments help calm the nervous system and build the immune response. 
  • Adopt a pet. They are SO good for anxiety and keeping us present. They need us just as much as we need them. Caring for something helps us as its in our nature. Plus you’re saving a life and that feels good. 

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