Falling Into a Love Affair With Who We Are

As women, part of our biological wiring is to care and tend to the needs of others. This is undoubtedly part of the expression of feminine energy. Yet, so many of us aren’t in tune with ourselves. And because of this, we miss the signs our bodies and should are giving us when it’s time to focus inward. And when that time comes….we often are at a loss of where or how to begin.

When we are unbalanced, we are depleted. We don’t get or give the best of ourselves. We’ve taken care of everyone and everything and left ourselves out of the equation completely. We are scared that if we include ourselves, that would make us selfish. Or perhaps, it’s simply that after taking care of everyone else, we run out of time.

On the other side of this survival mode is an incredible sense of connectedness, well-being, and an experience of great strength and joy. It’s deep connectedness and trust built within ourselves. Falling into a deep love affair who who and what we are. Each one of us is unique and magnificent.

Sacred self love is giving ourselves a seat at the table, a place in the family, permission to have needs, dreams, boundaries….and our humanity.

Welcome to Sacred Self Love. Join a tribe of vivacious women on the same journey who are ready to unleash all the glorious light, love, and passion within them to themselves first, and then to the rest of the world as their greatest gifts.

I would be delighted to share details with you. Course being in September. Message me to chat.