Ditch the Nice Girl Complex

I’ll take honesty, compassion and authenticity over “nice” any day. These things move mountains and transform lives. Nice, although nice (excuse the pun), doesn’t change or do anything much. Nice pales in comparison to unleashed joy or unbounded generosity.

In fact, I suggest you, me and everyone uses nice as a scapegoat for hiding how we truly feel or who we truly are. And what sucks about that, is that we don’t get to be who we really are and people don’t get the real versions of us. Kinda empty don’t you think? 

Look and see where you are using niceties to hide on the sidelines rather than being in the game:
-“Ok” when you mean “No.”
-That’s fine.” When you mean “I’m not comfortable with this and I really need some questions answered before we continue.”
-Ignoring and tolerating people and situations to avoid conflict or rocking the boat.
-Choosing nice over your needs

So I ask you this: What if you weren’t being so nice? What would you say or do instead? Then say or do it and watch your world change.