Deconstruction to Reconstruction – Our Relationship w/ Ourselves is a Living Thing

Several years ago, during a heart breaking and world flipping divorce, as I often did, I sat on the beach in my rawness. I was past trying to control things. I was in the surrender mode. Not resignation, surrender. They are very different things. Resignation is giving up in despair (oh I had already been there.) Surrender is the letting go part. The release of control to the embrace of curiosity, humility, openness (and no doubt, pain). 

Near the ocean and in the arms of nature, was the only place I could open my heart, let the tears flow and the sound and sight of the waves move heal my brokenness. Like all of us who experience an unexpected trauma or halt in our carefully laid plans, I had to relearn this new self emerging…and in turn, redefine life. I had started the log and winding journey of deconstructing to rebuild on a stronger foundation.

Our relationship with ourself is a living thing. Sometimes our self love is a small seedling, precious, full of growth and possibility yet still fragile and in need of loads of nourishment. Sometimes our self love is more like a great big Red Wood standing in it’s glorious magnificence big and strong, deeply rooted into the earth. Sometimes our self love is so strained or neglected, it’s withered away or burned into ashes from the fire of life. Yet if we choose, we can see it’s really preparing for re-growth. We can’t have rebirth without destruction or deconstruction.

A client so brilliantly pointed out a great beauty of a redwood can give shade and protection for others, limbs for creatures to inhabit. The love we have roots deeply into the earth and allows our limbs to reach the heavens flowing out to others. We are born to have our hearts shine and the world is better for it.☀️

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